Links Page



Jessica's Website - My sister's and her son Drew's Website - My father's website. If you want winners, then sign up for the service.

Carl Sagan's Cosmos Series - My favorite PBS series ever.

Nothing Toxic - A video site

Glumbert - A comedy video site

The Best Page in the Universe - He's kind of an idiot, but I like him.

What Would Tyler Durden Do? - Celebrity Gossip/Rants

Kittenwar - May the cutest kitten win

Questionable Content - A comic strip site

Bamaselo - My friend Michael's reggae band

XKCD - Another comic website

GorillaMask - A site for guys only

Cracked - It's the Cracked website.

Bored at Work - If you're bored, try this site

Project Gutenberg - Download classic books for free

Alien Loves Predator - A comic strip site

If you have any suggestions for links, email them here.